Monday, September 26, 2011

This, that, and inspiration

  So I do like blogger's new pic uploading thing. Here's a whole lot of things! 

Fireeee (commission)

Onigiri! (Commission)

Crunch! (commission)
Beautiful music (Mortal Instruments fan art for fun)

...and this guy! (commission)

It's kinda nice to just let loose and draw as it appears sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in how busy things are and forget that. As an artist of any means (writing, sculpting, music, etc) if it starts to feel like work, it's worth stepping back and going back to the basics of what made you fall in love with your trade in the first place! 

While I haven't seen it (recently, I know the movie by heart!), the rerelease of The Lion King kickstarted that frame of mind. A movie I loved (still do) and endless hours practicing characters I could never seem to get right!

Now it all seems so simple.

Never forget the things that inspire you, friends.

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