Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whats New

With the release of Titan Tale being delayed, and my future with DreamCloud Games a little up in the air (my contract ends in August - tomorrow!) they never the less put me to work on helping develop something new for one of their next titles.

Titan Tale has run into some issues, namely with Apple experiencing problems, and then we got some feedback from our testers that need to be addressed anyway. Still, I'm not sure what's to come! Ahh freelance life. I didn't choose it, it chose... well actually I did. Whoops.

Anyway, I can't show you much else, not yet anyway!
otherwise I've been working on more Refuge stuff. Exciting, and a lot easier a task to tackle after having been thrown through the gauntlet of creating an ENTIRE GAME'S worth of assets in a MONTH AND A HALF.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Refuge: Interior Study

Going back to Refuge stuff! This time... well, self explanatory I suppose. Another sketch exploring the main chamber of the Refuge. I've had the basic concept for this interior roughed out for a while, but with my wife's help and direction, we're really opening up the space and giving it life.

As it is, some things are still being changed around, but if you recall a more recent previous sketch, we're getting a better idea on how to handle this potentially complex space from different angles by relying on key visual elements that make up the spaces they're in. 

By all logic, that means the crew from the sketch is perched behind that large rock just left of the entrance and that's okay. Except that they found him anyway. Sigh. I'll sketch up some better hiding spots in the future.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Titan Tale: Facing Death Sketch

Anyways, the guys are working super hard to get my art in the game, although they are experiencing hiccups that weren't happening before- always at the last minute, eh?

Anyhow, here's a full sketch of the second promo piece I've been working on! Much much further along since this sketch, but that's why it's a teaser! Perhaps when we get a final build, I'll release the finished art! (by the way, the first image, makes a really cool phone background!)

By the way, fans of Requiem Mask might see this as a familiar face- and you may be right to see it. ;) 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Titan Tale Promo Art 2

So Monday I posted a preview of some promo art for Titan Tale! I posted a couple more teaser shots on Twitter so I just collected them below...

...although the last two are from something new! Still for Titan Tale though. Excited about this one. Also, the game is in it's final phases so we're looking at a launch date soon. Maybe monday. Cross your fingers!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Promo Art Work In Progress: Titan Tale

Now that I'm not under the Boulder of Deadlines, I have time to post! And I have some room for other creative ventures! And yes, it's still work, but it's nice to do something different.

So promo art in progress for this game. It should come out this week for iphone and android!
Technically, I'm not allowed to talk about it, but someone has to build the hype while the programmers are still scrambling. ;)

This is just the first of a few ideas I had. More this week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Majesty of Nature

Sketched up while listening to nothing in particular. 

Alex, and Rin crowd around Ookami, who has th eonly piece of technology in their forest refuge. (It's got a solar powered battery y'all!) 

Do caves even have wifi? 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Breathing In

I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals...

Sketched up while listening to "Radioactive" By Imagine Dragons.(obviously) 
Here we have Ookami with some sort of needle gun in his neck. Is it something helpful or hindering? 

I know I draw this guy a lot, and I will continue to do so. He's kind of my charge when it comes to The Refuge. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Remember Me

 Please... Remember me...

Sketched up while listening to nothing in particular, although "Another Chance" by Alex Clare comes to mind. 

Refuge character studies. Alex and... someone else? Someone familiar as well. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peaceful Moment

Sketched up while listening to nothing in particular. Although I would say Aqueous Transmission from Incubus is a good accompaniment.  

Alex enjoys some time in a gentle river. Mainly some conceptual work for the Refuge. Lots of time spent in the forests, best to get a feel for it, right?  (as much as I can in pen anyway.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'll Never Walk Away Again

Wake you up
In the middle of the night to say
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed
 The sound of his voice as he sang the words made her feel warm from head to toe. The song was appropriate, considering full scope of all that had transpired between them, but right now that didn't matter. Not when she felt more complete than she had been in a long time.
"That's a wonderful sentiment." She said, nestling closer against him. "...but can you do me one favor?"
"Anything." he said into the back of her neck.
"Cut your damn hair." 
She felt him laugh. "I'll think about it." 
"If you don't, then I want a divorce."
"We're not even married."
"We won't ever be if you keep looking like a hippie." 

Sketched up while listening to "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" by Maroon 5 (acoustic version)
I've had that mini scene in my mind since I sketched it! So happy to share it now. 

A *possible* scene far into the future of the Refuge. What happened? I don't know!