Friday, December 30, 2011

Infernal Devices sketches

From my tumblr, to you! Some fan art for the Infernal devices series! Also an excuse to put Sketchbook Pro through it's paces.

Jem and Tessa. Pro kept crashing while I was trying to finish this up. I think it's not a fan of this particular love-triangle pairing.

Jem and Will. Oh Will, you and your Demon Pox ;)

I'm going to have a lot of fun refining these guys (and ladies, of course) in my spare time!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Large Endeavour

So I endeavored to do a large-ish group image project! Larger than anything I've done as of yet, at least. I mentioned it in the last post I made. Thought you'd all be interested in an update:
... And a bit more work done on it still!

The holiday rush caught me by surprise. I meant to have this finished in time for Boxing day but...
Also I had been working on this on a PC based machine with Paint Tool Sai. But now I've managed to procure a copy of Sketchbook Pro and CS5 respectively for my Mac! This is wonderful as I'm no longer dependent entirely on one machine for my work. Also it opens up more opportunity for streaming properly!

And! ... I really missed working on a Mac!

Anyway, switching over mid-project is always a challenge. Buttons and etc change over... But it's been a fun challenge!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things in Motion, projects and more!

I've got a lot of bits and bobs in motion here! Many I hope to add to my portfolio page soon.

Here's a cropping from a commission in progress:

It's much further along, and into the detailing stages now. Colours adjusted, etc. The bunker background was giving me the most issue, but I've settled on something I like!

Then I had this CRAZY IDEA for a group style commission. The concept is simple: create a scene, and perhaps define one or two solidified characters within it, then stage the rest as sketch 'dummies' and offer up those different spots for sale!

This is an idea I had purely for fun.
Am I a bit of a masochist? Absolutely. But how can I expect to learn if I don't challenge myself!
My actors are all solidified and I'll be streaming segments of this piece periodically! and (hopefully) have it complete in time for Christmas!

and then some Ookami sketches for fun:

Both "Young" and "Older" as he will appear in The Refuge (eventually) Older Ookami is such an interesting guy to me, and I'm sad that gesture of him pulling off his tie got cut off by the scanner. I'll have to draw that separately as I like how that turned out.
Fun fact: Ookami doesn't really smoke anymore. I tried it on the character for a while, but decided it was too Cliche'.

and finally, I'm in the process of assisting my wife in a book project! Some business for a local woman (very nice) that she'd like to have for her newphews in time for Christmas.

Not a big production or anything, but also a fun set of challenges. I'm assisting Iron-Gibbet style. I.E. helping with layout/composition/rough sketching. I've never drawn tractors before today!
I'll post what I can when I'm able.

Ah, speaking of which, three more sketches to go! Back to work!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fresh Coat of Paint!

Just a quick bob to say that I finally applied an update to my portfolio site: !

The resume and portfolio page need a proper update, but everything has a fresh new look. So! Browse, peruse (hire?) and enjoy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo-Fail. Exerpt.

So yeah. I totally failed! But at the same time I did not. I solved a LOT of story issues, namely how to get started, which is the whole reason why I opted for the challenge.

Here's an excerpt I already posted:

Ookami swore softly at the sight of blood running down the man’s face. He bent down and checked for a pulse and exhaled when he found it. Unconscious. Examining him more closely, he found a small gash on the side of his head. Not too deep. He intended only to give this man a scare before leaving his mark, but he was glad to see he hadn’t accidentally killed him.

...And that's it. Any more would be too much right now.
This is supplementary material for the other comic my wife and I collaborate on called "The Refuge". I know I've mentioned it before. I don't fancy myself a professional writer or anything, but it is fun to switch things up sometimes. Explore characters, relationships, things that may or may not be seen in what is posted to the public, etc. I'm sure we'll release these stories in full some day, but... well, obviously not today!

Anyway, there's Christmas to set up around the house. Cheers!