Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ubisoft Deals With Sony for Assassin's Creed Movie

Ubisoft Deals With Sony for Assassins Creed Movie: Hollywood Not Pleased (Article)

Copypaste opinion from my tumblr post this morning:

To me it seems like movies and games have been colliding more and more. I've had more fulfillment in the games I've played than many of the movies I've watched lately.
Game Producers are story tellers.  Games tell interactive stories.  I don't understand why the segregation is necessary. I understand why the idea is scary.
Hollywood (in general) wrote the book on film making, sure. But I think it's afraid to admit that they're going a bit stale. How many films have relied on remakes and book properties and milking cash cows? The ONLY original film I've enjoyed lately was The Rite.
And if I'm really honest with myself, it was primarily because the leading actor (Not Anthony Hopkins, the young kid) Has the PERFECT face to play a character of mine in my wildest dreams even if he's a bit old. (lolol) The Woman in Black (With Daniel Radcliffe) also looks interesting. I'm really hoping it's awesome.
Most films these days Are slappily put together and rely way to heavily on special effects (AKA "SHINY COLOURS")  to distract the what-I-assume-to-be Sheep of an audience that Hollywood has been treating us as. So In that sense, I've just felt as though movies are an insult to my intelligence lately. Like they're talking down to me because they've gotten so hung up on themselves they've lost sight of what actual storytelling is.

"Just throw some colours and 3D their way. They'll fall for that"
Game companines have to spend time to develop their franchises. Especially those that span over multiple titles. That requires an engaging story FIRST and then the graphics and such to support that. And after doing ALL OF THAT WORK, of course the company wants to make sure that their mind baby is taken care of and the story that they intended from the beginning is told properly.
You don't want to spend all that work crafting some intricate glass blown vase only to hand it over to some clumsy idiot who's probably going to drop it, after all.
Obviously, I hope that this works. I love the Assassins Creed series, I really do not want to see it fail as a film-or get hung up on the development process.
Maybe if this film succeeds, Hollywood should take note instead of being afraid. After all, an expansion of your resources is never a bad thing. Team up with new thinkers and embrace new concepts, then maybe I'll stop waiting for movies to come out on free tv/netflix or something.

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