Thursday, December 29, 2011

Large Endeavour

So I endeavored to do a large-ish group image project! Larger than anything I've done as of yet, at least. I mentioned it in the last post I made. Thought you'd all be interested in an update:
... And a bit more work done on it still!

The holiday rush caught me by surprise. I meant to have this finished in time for Boxing day but...
Also I had been working on this on a PC based machine with Paint Tool Sai. But now I've managed to procure a copy of Sketchbook Pro and CS5 respectively for my Mac! This is wonderful as I'm no longer dependent entirely on one machine for my work. Also it opens up more opportunity for streaming properly!

And! ... I really missed working on a Mac!

Anyway, switching over mid-project is always a challenge. Buttons and etc change over... But it's been a fun challenge!

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