Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leap of Ages! An Art Comparison

While watching Ducktales last night, it hit me how much I love these shows. 28 (almost) and I'm enjoying myself still! I was glad to know that we still have all these shows on tape/DVD and that I could someday show them to my kids.

Then I got to thinking about some other shows and how I wanted and tried so much to draw my favourite characters, but it was just SO HARD.

On a lark I decided to draw Darkwing Duck entirely from memory. Just to do it.
I wasn't 100% on model, but I was pretty dang close! I'd say about... 92%. And I'm being really nitpicky over tiny details.
Now, compare this to LittleAlex's efforts (Which I had already scanned and uploaded to an old, dead DA account for laughs, hence the text);
Teeny tiny bit of a difference.

I know I'm still learning (it never stops!) and I accept that I'm not the best, but it's nice to stop and think how much I'm capable of creating now. If I could go back and show these things to my younger self I think LittleAlex's brain would explode!

In short: Even though you feel like you're not getting far with your work, keep creating. Don't stop. Then one day, take a look back and see the miles you've put behind you! And then... keep going!

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