Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Every memory comes on
When I hear that old song
We used to sing
With the words all wrong
I remember the faces
And familiar places
And I sing along
But Acadia is gone

Sketched up while listening to "Acadia" by Mariana's  Trench. 
A bit more peaceful of a scene. Although I gave some slightly wrong impressions in it. Mainly insinuating that the gentleman with the guitar (Kain) is a singer. He is not. Ookami (on the far left) is. But I can hardly be blamed for lack of foresight when these are started first thing in the morning on a bumpy bus ride! That's what second drafts are for anyway.
Also Rin (next to Kain) can be seen here. I need to draw her more, as she is important too.


  1. Yeah you don't want to hear Kain's singing voice. It's awful.

    1. I think it's about the same as your impression of a southern accent ;P