Monday, July 25, 2011

The Refuge: Inception

So! This is a treat. Out of the blue, my wife decided to finally dig her heels into a project 13 years in the making. Writing, planning, rewriting, reworking, stopping, starting, falling-in-and-out-of-love again project.

The Refuge!

I've blogged about it before, referenced it before.
This is the thing I've dreamed about, have been writing for. No doubt you've seen this guy's face above. It's a story I've been itching to tell, and now, finally, it's going to happen. I won't seem so crazy!

...Well, I take that back.

Requiem Mask was a bit of an experiment, I confess. To see how well, efficient, and effective the collaborative efforts my wife and I can be. Some parts I draw, some parts she draws, always we come together.
Honestly, the amount of love Requiem Mask has recieved, and continues to recieve will always amaze me.

Requiem Mask won't stop, but I hope our fans and friends will grow to love and appreciate these oddly familiar faces as much as not only my wife and I have, but our surrounding friends and family have as well.

The Refuge is an original story, based loosely on the events of our lives. It's been a long and crazy road, and I am sincerely hoping everyone will enjoy the ride!

This gif my wife made sums it up rather accuratley;

More coming soon!

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