Thursday, July 21, 2011

Space Invaders and Prose

A Krogan enjoys one of the greatest games Earth has to offer.
Actually, this piece, and "Space Chips" were submitted to the San Diego Comic Con Bioware Fan Art showcase, in colour of course. I'd appreciate it if folks let me know if they saw them about!

Also, here's a bit of rejected writing from something I've been working on for quite some time, and going:

He was currently engrossed in the game he was playing, brow furrowed in concentration as the pale white robed figure of his avatar perched precariously on the edge of a rooftop.

“I’ve done this before.” He said.

“Famous last words.”

“Shut up.” Dr. Anders smiled crookedly.

The figure on the TV dived awkwardly off the rooftop, clumsily lashing a blade out before his body landed on the dirt below. The game screen shuddered and displayed a game over message. Anders swore.

.... and that's it for now.

More later. Always later.
(ten points if you can guess the game)


  1. My guess would have to go with Assassin's Creed. White robes and precarious balancing on rooftops are that series' speciality :3

  2. Bingo! ;)
    I know it's not exactly a no-brainer, but still.

    And actually, it's a rejected scene since I changed the game!