Saturday, October 20, 2012

@EdmontonExpo: It is the Con You're Looking For

Wow! Only one day and I'm blown away! Where do I begin? For a first year convention, the staff at the Expo center were quite helpful, knowledgable and polite! As these things are touch and go (You never know what the crowds will do!) they adapted well under the pressure.
It was a bit confusing navigating from Con Floor to the Panel rooms, but it does help to find some giant signs with helpful letters along the way!

The Con floor was a great space! Never felt too crowded - except when the Guest lines started forming (Lando drew in quite a crowd!) But otherwise I never felt trapped. This was nice too, as I'm usually stuck behind a table, so it was nice to get such an open view of things. Things like -

Misha Collins- I'm not gonna lie, this is the guy I wanted to see the most. He was so wonderful and nice and patient and great and attentive and I can't believe he even has the smallest piece of artwork I've done on his person. He really liked it! He was late to the signing, but we'll forgive him for that.  (My sketch card below - will post all on it's lonesome tomorrow!)

I also got to share a personal story with him, which he was very glad I shared with him, and I'm glad I had the chance to.. well.... at all! Sorry folks, I won't say the details here but it was something important to me and I'm just glad it happened. :)

But the rest was just a fantastic blur! We also met Charisma Carpenter- who was also wonderful and sweet. I'd like to return tomorrow with a sketch card for her - if I don't pass out. I am exhausted!
Although tomorrow portfolio reviews are on the docket, so it will indeed be On™!

Have some random con photos, I'll be posting more tomorrow!

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