Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sketches: Blackthorn and Herondale

Sketches for an image I have planned just for fun. Julian Blackthorn (or my version based off of what little we know of him) from the upcoming "Dark Artifices" series by Cassandra Clare, and Will Herondale from the current "Infernal Devices" series.

Julian is pure design speculation, but I'm happy with these first passes. That hair was a real pain to get ride and there are many more sketches on the page (and many more to come) that I will scan fully later. (I may decide to edit out the rest of my design notes - I can get pretty hard on myself!)

Will I already had a rough design for him first based off of Street Angel's interpretation, but I'd like to think I've made a few noticeable tweaks since then! Especially since my concept for Jace is pretty solid and the two have that relative connection. I may thin out that jaw line a teeny bit but otherwise, this fella is good to go.
But anyway, Will just knows how beautiful he is, being a Herondale and all.

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